“I love this! How can I help?”

One of the most rewarding aspects of organizing the People’s Library is being on the receiving end of endless appreciation and support from our neighbors and the broader community. Expressions of gratitude are frequently followed with “How can I help? What do you need?” Well, here it is!

  • Volunteer to help set-up and break down. We start setting up the library at 9am. Come help shape what the library will look like each day, enjoy donated coffee and donuts and get to know your fellow librarians. We begin breaking down the library between 7 and 7:30pm. A few extra arms makes this process much faster and easier!
  • Be a librarian, even if only for a few minutes. When you come by the library, let a volunteer librarian know that you would like to help. We can always use help talking with neighbors and passersby, sorting books, and doing other tasks to keep the library running smoothly.
  • Food! Food donations are always greatly appreciated as some librarians will have been hard at work since before 9am. We also set out donated food to share with families and other library patrons at lunch and dinnertime.
  • Books! As reading materials fly off our selves, we must replenish it. We have the greatest need for books aimed at children and young adults. For adult materials, we have an overwhelming amount of thriller/suspense, romance, fantasy, and sci fi books already, and do not need anymore. We welcome donations of classical and general literature as well as relevant non-fiction. (General rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t read it, please don’t bring it!)
  • Financial donations. We are collecting cash donations at the library, or you can contribute electronically by visiting our WePay page. Donated money will help defray the costs of renting a moving truck, printing flyers and bookmarks, providing wireless internet access, and gas.

Thank you for any and all contributions!


About duetobudgetcuts

All Seattle Public Library locations will close Monday, August 27 through Sunday, September 7 due to citywide budget cuts... wait, what?? So we're establishing a PEOPLE'S LIBRARY.
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