Seeking storage solutions

UPDATE: We have a moving truck for the week!

Great news! We are getting LOTS of book donations! So many in fact that we are faced with the problem of storing them, especially during the week of the library. We would like to avoid having to carry them very far and in many separate car trips every night. If you have contacts in the construction, storage or trucking business who would be willing to help us store books and other library materials during next week’s library, please comment here or contact us at Thanks!


About duetobudgetcuts

All Seattle Public Library locations will close Monday, August 27 through Sunday, September 7 due to citywide budget cuts... wait, what?? So we're establishing a PEOPLE'S LIBRARY.
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2 Responses to Seeking storage solutions

  1. Don’t know if you’ve heard about our People’s Library in Oakland. We occupied an abandoned city library and filled it with books. When the police kicked us out, we put the library on the sidewalk and are in the process of claiming the backyard as a community garden, community center and community library. Here’s the facebook page And here’s an article about it:

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