People’s Library Wish List

UPDATE: We have received most of the items listed below. In order to serve more people, however, we would still like to have a few more laptops with wireless. If you have an old laptop we could use, please let us know. Also, more wifi hotspots will help us accommodate more wireless traffic, whether from donated laptops or from individuals bringing their own laptops to access the internet. Thanks again!


We are still in need of some materials to set-up a functional, welcoming library space. Please take a look at the wish list below and let us know (by email or comment below) if would be able to contribute any items. (Note: we are just looking to BORROW materials and we will do our very best to return them in the condition they were received.) And, THANK YOU to those who already have offered up supplies!

  • Milk crates or other sturdy material for book shelves. We will need a lot!
  • Pop-up tent or tarps and rope
  • Tables and chairs
  • Hand trucks, dollies, or wagon
  • Laptops (with wireless)
  • Wireless hotspots
  • Small generator to run laptops and wireless

We do not need most of these supplies until the day-off (Monday, Aug 27), but we would like to know in advance what folks are bringing so we can plan accordingly. If you cannot come to the opening on Monday or need help transporting any items, we will gladly arrange pick-up or delivery. Thanks again!


About duetobudgetcuts

All Seattle Public Library locations will close Monday, August 27 through Sunday, September 7 due to citywide budget cuts... wait, what?? So we're establishing a PEOPLE'S LIBRARY.
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5 Responses to People’s Library Wish List

  1. Greg Bem says:

    Hey People’s Library folks! I’d love to volunteer. What’s the best way to join in the cause?

    • Awesome! There are a lot of options, like donating books or soliciting for donations, helping find some items off the wish list, and coming to the library next week to help curate, assist patrons and lead activities with kids. We will hopefully be posting about crafts and games for kids soon. If you do the facebook thing, we have an event up there as well and folks are already scheduling stuff like storytelling. If there is something totally different you want to add, that’s a possibility, too. It is a People’s Library after all! Let us know what you’re interested in.

      • Greg Bem says:

        Excellent. I’ll stop by on the first day and inquire about opportunities and drop off some books. I don’t do the Facebook thing so I feel a bit out of the potential loop! Oh well!

      • Greg Bem says:

        Oh, also, is there address information for the library? The blog mentions the Central District but no address . . .

      • Can’t wait to see you Monday! Location-wise, we will but setting up outside (so not in a building) and somewhere in the CD. We will be announcing the location on Monday morning. The element of surprise is always fun, right?

        Also, keep checking back for more information about opportunities to contribute ahead of time. And, of course, feel free to propose anything you want to add to the library!

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