Due to budget cuts…

All branches of the Seattle Public Library will be closed Monday, August 27 through Sunday, September 2 due to citywide budget cuts. In response, a People’s Library will be established in the Central District to provide reading materials, kid’s activities, and internet access during the closure. Everyone is invited (and encouraged) to contribute!


Donate books, magazines, any reading material. We especially need books for children and young adults.

Come to the Library on Monday, Aug 27! Browse our collection. Lead arts and crafts activities or games with the kids. Bring your neighbors.

This Library will be a community space, not controlled by any individuals or organization and welcome to all people and points of view.

Here is the Facebook event page. Please invite your friends!


About duetobudgetcuts

All Seattle Public Library locations will close Monday, August 27 through Sunday, September 7 due to citywide budget cuts... wait, what?? So we're establishing a PEOPLE'S LIBRARY.
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5 Responses to Due to budget cuts…

  1. Doug says:

    Wow, King County has been updating/replacing their libraries in record fashion.

  2. Sophia Katt says:

    And exactly WHERE is the library? Address?

  3. Kristian says:

    Hi – will the library be at 23rd & union? What will the hours be during the week?

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